Sherbro Piassava

Origin: Sherbro Piassava is a natural fibre obtained from Palm Leaf stalks located in the tropical coastal swamps of Sierra Leone in West Africa. Production involves soaking the Palm Leaf stalks between six weeks and three months in river water or swamps. After this 'retting' process the stalks are beaten to remove any pith and the fibre is hackled  through a series of long nails, whereupon the fibre is graded, cut if necessary and tied into bundles for shipment.


Description: A coarse fibre that is well suited to heavy use brooms, such as street brooms or those used in an industrial/agricultural environment; also mixed with other fibre and filaments to increase rigidity and coarseness. Sherbro Piassava is sold in cut or uncut lengths in bundles of 25kgs with 8,000kgs per 20' container. Due to the constraints of shipping from Sierra Leone, a typical minimum order is 1x20' container, that said, on occasions smaller amounts may be supplied.


Contact: Matthew Ralph