Origin: Palmyra/Bassine is a natural fibre obtained from the leaf sheaths of the Palmyra Palm which grows primarily in Southern India. Typically the fibre is offered as two qualities, based on origin, Tuticorin or Kakinada; generally speaking the Tuticorin quality is superior. Production involves retting the leaf sheath and beating it to extract the fibre. After extraction the fibre is combed and graded before being cut to lengths and in some cases dyed. Bassine is best described as a form of Palmyra that has undergone more processing such as dressing, dyeing and grading. The leaves of the Palm contain a strong rib which is removed and traded under the description ‘Palmyra Stalks’.


Description: Bassine and Palmyra stalks are a popular coarse fibre most commonly used in street brooms and scrubbing brushes. With good resistance to friction and heat, the fibre is fully biodegradable and harvested from sustainable resources. The water absorbancy of the fibre is improved considerably when mixed with Tampico fibre to make ‘Union Mix’ or with Synthetic filaments such as PVC. The fibre is generally packed in bales of 25-50kgs and loaded in container loads (± 9,000kgs / 20’ Container).


Contact: Matthew Ralph