Steel Wire & Rod

We supply all types of carbon steel wire and rod for a wide range of applications to large and small businesses.

All our wire and rod is produced from recycled raw material and our factory is rated as one of the top recycling companies in Europe. They are also one of the very few vertically integrated manufacturers in Europe with the entire steel-making and drawing process taking place on the one site. Our relationship has been built over many years based on product quality and integrity of supply and delivery.

  • All gauges of Bedding and Seating wire. These will be shipped on metal formers or cardboard cores according to customer requirements in 20 foot or 40 foot containers.
  • Baling and Quiklink wire
  • Cold Heading quality wire for fasteners, bolts and screws etc
  • Bright Bars for the automotive industry and fasteners etc

We have the expertise and experience to ensure you get all the information you need to make an informed decision. Just ask.

For further information, pricing and shipping please contact:

Bedding and seating wire

Stephen Horowitz / +44(0)20 7838 7000

Alan Simpson  / +44(0)7798 672135

Cold heading and bright bar

Mike Murphy  /+44(0)7776 230057