Coco/Bristle Fibre

Origin: Coco or Bristle fibre is produced in Sri Lanka where it is obtained from the fibrous husk of the coconut. The husk is separated from the coconut and the husk is then soaked in pits to separate the fibre from the pith and later the fibre is combed both mechanically and by hand before being waxed and possibly dyed. Typically the fibre is offered as natural in colour, black dyed or white bleached in two qualities 2 Tie or 3 Tie, with 3 Tie being better quality fibre.


Description: Coco fibre is a very popular natural fibre that is used primarily in Europe, Africa and Asia for both domestic and industrial brush applications. The fibre is strong, light and elastic, with good resistance to heat and water; furthermore it is fully biodegradable and manufactured from sustainable resources. In some cases the fibre is mixed with synthetic filaments. Typically the fibre is packed in ballots of 12-15kg and is shipped in container loads of ± 9,000kgs, although smaller amounts can be shipped LCL.


Contact: Matthew Ralph