Origin: Kapok is a natural fibre produced from floss that occurs in the inside of the pods of the Kapok tree. As soon as possible after picking, the inner floss is removed from the pods and dried, de-seeded, cleaned and finally baled. Our Kapok is shipped from both Thailand and Indonesia.
Description: Kapok is used as a stuffing material for cushions and clothing, it is also used for insulation and is one of the best known sound absorbers on a per weight basis. Kapok is also one sixth of the weight of cotton and is water repellent.  The fibre is also repellent from pests such as rodents and as such this is an advantage when used as a filling for soft furnishings. We typically supply the fibre in 100kgs bales with a minimum of 6,000kgs per 20’ container.
Contact: Matthew Ralph